Before and after school clubs

Before and after school clubs, link clubs, holiday clubs and breakfast clubs are also known as 'out of school care'.  They are mainly for children aged four to 12 years. 

There are three services available:

  • Before school /breakfast clubs are open in the morning before school starts - children can have their breakfast there
  • After school clubs are open in the afternoons and after school until 6pm
  • Holiday clubs are open during most school holidays between about 8am and 6pm    

Clubs that care for children under the age of eight must be registered with Ofsted, who will:

  • Check to make sure the staff are suitable to work with children.
  • Check to make sure the premises is safe and secure.

Inspection reports are available on the Ofsted website.

The average costs for out of school care are:

  • Before school /breakfast club session - £4.78
  • After school per session - £9.32
  • School holidays per day - £22.02

You can apply for a place by contacting the provider directly and asking them for a copy of their application form.  They will tell you about their admissions policy and inform you when a place is available for your child.