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Duration of Course

The Youth Connect 5 course is made up of five, two-hour sessions. It usually runs over five weeks.

As it’s a course, parents and carers who start the training are expected to attend all five sessions.

Is the course for me?

Youth Connect 5 is for parents and carers living in Warrington, with children under 18, who want to:

  • Learn new skills and approaches to connect with their children.
  • Strengthen their own and their children’s resilience and emotional wellbeing.
  • Better understand why they feel the way they do.

The Youth Connect 5 course is free and is delivered in a variety of community-based settings in Warrington.  More detail about the course can be found on the Youth Connect 5 website.

About the course

The course covers:

  • Understanding mental health, including the adolescent brain and how it develops.
  • How to maintain good mental health.
  • Smart ways to make changes that stick and that will improve individual and family wellbeing.
  • The different risks children face and how various resilience techniques and responses can help.
  • The importance of certain types of activity for individual and family wellbeing.
  • Proven strategies to manage distress and make positive changes, including how to support children to problem solve and develop better coping skills.

Learning Outcomes

The Youth Connect 5 course aims to build on the knowledge and skills of parents and carers who attend, to help them:

  • Strengthen the resilience and emotional wellbeing of their children
  • Further develop their personal resilience
  • Learn about different ways they can support their children
  • Increase their confidence and ability to support their children
  • Improve their relationship with their children
  • Understand how and where to access information and support

How to request a place

Parents and carers can request places on one of the courses through the Youth Connect 5 website.


Not all the Youth Connect 5 courses are open to everyone. Parents and carers from Warrington will only be accepted onto the Warrington courses. Also some of the Warrington courses are only open to parents and carers linked to a particular organisation. When you request a place on one of the Youth Connect 5 courses, the trainer running the course, will let you know whether you have secured a place or not.

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Youth Connect 5

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