Sightline are a charity that has been providing a peer-based helpline (0800 5872252) since 2002. We now have lottery funding to expand our services into phone-based befriending, and are keen to receive referrals from professionals for people who have sight loss, and who could benefit from a befriending service. All our volunteers have close experience of sight loss (direct, family/friends, or professional), and are recruited and trained primarily as Befrienders.

How Sightline Befriending works

Sightline’s befriending service works very simply. The stages are as follows:-

  • ·Referral – Send a completed form (below) to Sightline
  • ·A letter is sent by Sightline to the referred person explaining how the service works
  • ·Sightline’s co-ordinator calls the referred person to support the matching process
  • ·Sightline matches the person with a befriender and an initial call plan is agreed with all parties
  • ·Sightline tells the referrer when the service will start
  • ·Weekly befriending calls start on the agreed time and day, but can be skipped if either party is away
  • ·Befrienders use a specially designed automated call system so phone numbers are kept confidential
  • ·After three to four weeks the initial call plan is reviewed
  • ·Plans are regularly reviewed to ensure satisfaction, and progress towards befriending outcomes
  • ·If there are serious concerns for someone’s immediate safety, Sightline call their GP or emergency contact. One of these must be provided as a condition of receiving the service.
  • ·Calls are recorded, with a sample reviewed for quality and training purposes, but all remain confidential

Who to contact

0800 587 2252

Where to go

1, Farrington Street