Palliative Enablement Support Programme (LiveWire)

What is the Palliative Enablement Support Programme?

A 6 week programme of support designed for those who are living with a life-limiting illness/terminal diagnosis such as cancer, COPD, heart failure where no further treatment is available or desired. 

Keeping active has many benefits, it can help reduce some of the effects of being ill such as stress, pain and tiredness. Even little bouts of gentle movements and physical activity might help improve your mood and quality of life and help you feel more in control. Other benefits include helping you sleep better, helping you to relax and learning new ways to keep active and strengthen your body. Other topics covered during the programme include healthy eating advice and other support mechanisms in place across the town.

How to access the programme

If you are interested in the programme please contact the LiveWire Lifestyles team on 0300 003 0818 or speak to your medical professional to refer you.

Who to contact

0300 003 0818

Other details


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