Vulnerable Adult Missing Person Profile (Herbert Protocol)

 Do you have a friend or relative with Alzheimer's or dementia and often worry that they may go missing?

We appreciate that caring for people with dementia is challenging - and that planning ahead and keeping safe is really important. There is often a risk that people living with dementia can at some point start to 'walk about'. While this may only be into the garden or street and returning a short time later, some people can get lost and go missing. This can lead to feelings of confusion, fear and vulnerability for individuals and their families, particularly at night time or during times of extreme weather.

The Herbert Protocol is here to help provide you with reassurance, and help you keep friends and relatives safe. It is a national initiative adopted by Cheshire Constabulary, as well as other police forces around the UK.

For further information and to see how to utilist the Herbert Protocol please click onto the website

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