Positive Thoughts Course




Duration of Course

7 weeks

Is this course for me?

This course is for adults age 18 and over from the Warrington Community, who would like to join a friendly, local course that could change the way you look at life and its challenges.

About the course

Thoughts influence how we feel, and the wrong kind of thoughts can cause unhelpful, distressing feelings. Your emotions and feelings are created by your thoughts.

Unhappiness cannot exist on its own, it occurs because of thoughts, which can be changed – this 7 week course helps to identify ways of thinking that can help to improve your mood and anxieties.

Core Ideas:

  • To reduce the times that we experience low mood
  • How activities affect our mood
  • To have greater control over mood
  • Ways to challenge negative thoughts
  • How contact with people affects our mood
  • Increasing pleasant activities

The course will run over 7 weeks and will explore common areas of mental wellbeing to support recovery by:

  • Tracking our mood through charts and diaries
  • Practice techniques such as relaxation
  • Watching how others cope
  • Tools to support confidence & self esteem
  • Rewarding yourself
  • Writing a plan of what you want to change
  • Step by step change

Remember - you are in charge of your own thoughts and feelings; you can change the way you think which in turn, can have a effect on the way you feel.

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions


If you would like to attend this course please contact:

Donna Holman on 01925 443555 or e-mail dholman@warrington.gov.uk

Who to contact

Contact Name
Donna Holman
01925 443555

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Positive Thoughts Course
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Age ranges
18+ Years
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