Safe and Well

Safe and Well Service

Rationale The Safe and Well Service has been established and mobilised, by Warrington Borough Council and partners, to provide trusted support to Warrington’s most vulnerable residents, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Service is targeted at those residents most in need, this is to ensure that demand does not outstrip the Service’s capacity. Residents are being encouraged to use their existing support systems where possible, so that the Service can focus on those who would otherwise struggle to get the support they require.

Background The Safe and Well Service has been put in place across Warrington to help manage the support needs of individuals who are self-isolating, or shielding and who need assistance with food, medication or reassurance. Staff for the Safe and Well Service have been drawn from existing Council teams and from partner organisations which have clear governance and accountability structures. This is to ensure that support is offered by trusted providers. Volunteers are being recruited through Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA), a wellestablished and respected organisation. The local community is being encouraged to direct any offers of support through WVA, as a trusted provider. This means the community response will be coordinated and WVA will have oversight of it.

Commitment to this partnership response across Warrington, has enabled the development of a shared system, which is both strategic and dynamic. This joint approach enables the appropriate allocation of resources; and the mobilisation of personnel who have the right skills and access to the necessary facilities. It also ensures the needs of vulnerable residents are met. The partnership response, led by the Council, has built on the existing infrastructure and is agile, to meet changing needs, as they arise.

What is the Safe and Well Offer? The Safe and Well Service offers the following to Warrington residents, who are selfisolating, or shielding:

• Telephone support for reassurance, conversation, advice and guidance (to promote mental wellbeing). • Arranging the delivery of emergency food parcels and ongoing support with food delivery. • Collecting and delivering click and collect shopping orders. • Online, or telephone support and signposting. • Collecting and delivering medication.

Who is eligible for support? To be eligible to receive support we anticipate people will fall into one of the following groups:

• Self-isolating • Vulnerable due to a medical condition (shielding), age or social circumstance • Financial hardship

We do not anticipate that everyone who is in one of these groups will need support. Most importantly, the Safe and Well Service is for those who have no other means of help available, e.g. no support from family, friends or neighbours.

Referral routes All referrals will be via the Warrington Wellbeing inbox The referrals will come from a variety of sources as listed below. It is requested that all referrers complete the Safe and Well referral form (appendix 4). The exception to this would be referrals which come from the emergency response line and proactive calling (see below).

• Emergency Response Line/log – when an individual calls the Emergency Response Line 01925 442441 or 01925 442443 asking for support, this will be logged on the emergency log by the call handler, who will then send an email to the Wellbeing inbox confirming the request. Admin support from Warrington Wellbeing will take details of this referral from the log and put it on to DCRS, which is the case management system being used by the Safe and Well Service. The individual will then be allocated a Safe and Well Worker, who will make contact with the individual, within 24 hours.

• Contact Warrington – the process for calls to Contact Warrington is the same as that outlined under the Emergency Response Line heading above.

• Adult Social Care – the referral will be made from the Adult Social Care Response Hub on a Safe and Well referral form. This may be as a result of a care agency being unable to deliver all care hours, due to limited capacity, or it may be to meet Care Act Eligible needs. Prior to referral the Response Hub will have considered:
o Whether the service user is willing/able to meet their own needs, or has a family member/friend who can help. o Whether the service user is willing/able to consider an alternative to a care package (i.e. support at home, non-personal care) o Whether the service user has mental capacity to make these decisions and a full awareness of risks. o Whether a full needs assessment is required.

Once the referral is received in the Wellbeing inbox, the referral information will be inputted on to DCRS and a worker will be allocated as soon as possible.

• Proactive calls to shielding population – Warrington has a list of over 3000 people who need to “shield” themselves during the COVID-19 outbreak, due to medical conditions. Warrington Borough Council is contacting each of these individuals, to ascertain what support they might require.

• Range of organisations including housing associations, hospital discharge, homeless services. Once the referral is received in the Wellbeing inbox, the referral information will be inputted on to DCRS and a worker allocated as soon as possible. 

Safe and Well Operating Hours The service will be operational seven days a week, from 9am to 5pm, including bank holidays. 

Who to contact

01925 442441 or 01925 442443