Computers for the Terrified Course







Duration of Course

6 weeks

Is this course for me?

Never used a computer before?

Need to update your computer skills then this is the course for you.

Learn basic computer skills and boost your confidence when using a computer

About the course

On this course you will learn how to

  • Use the mouse to navigate the cursor around the screen and open up folders
  • Gain Keyboard skills
  • Use Microsoft word, change the fonts, font size and colour
  • Insert pictures on a Word document
  • Save and print documents
  • Make new folders

Good reasons to enroll on the course

  • Gain confidence using a computer
  • Learn new skills

Meet new people on the course

Contact Details

For further details, contact Nick Vaughan, The Marjorie Griffiths Learning Centre Coordinator on 01925 240064


Who to contact

Contact Name
Nick Vaughan
Contact Position
The Marjorie Griffiths Learning Centre Coordinator
01925 240064

Where to go

The Marjorie Griffiths Learning Centre

Other details


Free to attend


Age ranges
18+ Years
Local/National Service?